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About Michael Tourville

Michael Tourville entered the world of beauty in 2008, while living in West Hollywood, California. There he was introduced to the Art of Contour Makeup, and the skill to transform the features of a man into that of a woman, aka “Drag”. He mastered this skill thanks to many mentors.

One in particular mentor was Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashians make-up artist. After learning Mario’s tricks of the trade, and forming his own skills, Michael thought to himself one day “If I can create a look that is this beautiful on a man, imagine what I could do to a real woman.” At that moment Michael decided to step up his make-up game and take it to the next level by enrolling into beauty school to pursue his Cosmetology license. Michael had his mind set on the willingness to learn and not the fear of what he didn’t know.

Michael’s first week of beauty school he entered a school competition. This unleashed a passion for hair and the skill to design, it was no secret that he had met his calling. His creativity won many competition trophies, but his biggest win was how he inspired peers around him. At his graduation ceremony, his Cosmetology Instructor, Mrs. Breeda, recognized Michael by saying, “Keep your eyes out for this guy everyone, I believe this man will have his name in lit up in bright lights one day”.

In 2012 Michael became a licensed professional and continued his journey becoming licensed in New Mexico and in Illinois. As he waited for his license to renew in Illinois, Michael introduced his make-up skills to Chicago, which instantly grabbed attention from slaying his friend’s face for a photoshoot. Michael was sought out by a local photographer and invited to his very first photo shoot. Michael’s belief in himself and mindset for success is why this day changed his life. Doors of opportunity opened and he followed his heart through each one.

Michael was signed up with Tyra Banks’s new cosmetic line “Tyra Beauty” while starting his own business independently with the guidance from Tyra’s rep. Michael’s model that day instantly bonded with him, shared his work on her social media. She is a well-known model, which introduced him to thousands of her followers. Overnight he embraced the opportunities that came to him, then sought out even more .To this day, Michael continues his drive and passion doing what he loves.

Ever since 2014, Michael’s success has flourished and he has been recognized all over the world through social media as well as television. His most memorable moment was captured on TV where he was able to bring his daughter on with him as his model to demonstrate his skill. Even Tyra herself has acknowledged his artistic abilities on ten different occasions. Michael has been published in numerous magazines and continues to work and travels with charitable events to support them and helps promote to get the word out. He enjoys touching people’s lives and sometimes changing them. Making a person feel beautiful. Michael loves watching people’s face light up with happiness. You often hear him or see his positive quote, “smile beautiful ones.” A lot of why Michael Tourville is well known is not only because of his skill but also because he’s great energy to have around. Michael is both inspiring and very professional, you will either be smiling or laughing.

In the beginning of 2015, Michael Tourville felt ready to both the Chicago SCENE and the world, his vision of beauty with make-up and his skill in hair and hair design. Combined with a true creative imagination, Michael dreams or sees a vision through many inspirations. Michael works diligently to come up with a concept and a look to create, that of which to call his own. Michael introduced these artistic creations for the first time as a professional in Chicago and people wanted more. It is these artistic creations that Michael gives them. Each shoot that captures his creation leaves a mark of his name and his talent. Always going above and beyond, Michael showcased and designed seven wigs for a photoshoot focused on a Blacklight Luminosity theme.

Michael challenges no one except for himself and as he continues to grow, we get to witness this true artist leaving his mark. The combination of Michael’s vision and his passion, demonstrated his ability to create a path that foot steps will follow.

The amount of encouragement and recognition Michael had first received in Chicago, has now grown worldwide. Although very humble, Michael always encourages those around him and praises the great achievements of his models, photographers, and most importantly the Team’s finished image.


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Michael Tourville




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