Product Placement

Product Placement for your new clothing line 

It does take money to make this happen but you can become financially successful by intelligently spending money.

We are an online magazine and relevant fashion site used in order to increase brand recognition, direct website traffic, enhance sales, and create buzz from increased exposure. Its known that promotions and collaborations establish increased sales and overall awareness and we can establish that towards a local, national, or global audience.

In Collaberation with A.I. Industries Inc.

Manufacturing Services Include:

Cut and Sew
For the customer that requires  labor, we are ready and willing to help you increase current production or develop new lines and garments!  With this solution, you bring us the patterns and materials, and we give you timely and cost efffective service that will impact your bottom line.

Pattern Work
We develop, manage and grade patterns, which is at the heart of any good garment.  Our custom solutions allow us to quickly perfect patterns, which speeds up production.

Design and Planning

To compete in todays fashion and/or uniform industry requires a partner that can provide answers and guidance every step of the way.  We are here to help you with design consultation, logistical planning, pattern and grading, and all aspects that take you from and idea to a finished product.

Whether you are looking for a particular fabric from Japan, or need a button for that hard to please customer, we have over 30 years experience bringing together the loose ends and getting your garment made right, on-time and better than you expected.



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