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 Thank you for investing in our future and individualized visibility in this industry!


Designer Reviews

St. Frimpong  One of best fashion Platforms in Chicago to showcase your work.

Bryan K Osburn  I was glad to be asked to join A La Carte Fashion at the right time as I celebrate 30 years in fashion. This website is very easy to upload and add your information..I’m glad that I am a part of this. Thanks John!

Sarah Judy  Excited to see what a collaboration will bring- thanks for the opportunity and professionalism!!

Janette Allier  Excellent way to present fashion and those in the industry.

Rae Hurst – Awesome! Created my profile yesterday, have already been offered placement for my line in an online boutique. Couldn’t be happier with the service and exposure offered here… xx Thank you.
Carmela Rinella Thank you John Mark Hoffman for creating this amazing custom profile page at A La Carte Fashion!! Looks fantastic!


Model Reviews

Daniel T. Bochlas  John is very approachable, knowledgeable, kind, and I value his business model. His passion for the arts & fashion world is clearly visible to all those who have the pleasure to meet him. A La Carte Fashion brings all types of talent together to create the fashion platform that we all need to succeed. I would highly recommend John and his company to anyone that is in this industry. Thank You John.

Mia R. Kelly  I am very happy with the layout and presentation of my personal A La Carte Fashion site! Excited to see what the future holds for A La Carte Fashion!

Oana Molosag  This is a very professional way of exposing your work and networking with a lot of talented people! Highly Recommended! Xoxo

Amp Angel  The work I have seen is absolutely amazing. Very professional and clean. I can definitely see Á LA Carte Fashion taking the fashion industry by storm.

Elliot Hedberg  A La Carte Fashion is a great website and concept. It has all your fashion industry needs whether it be a model, photographer, or stylist. I love it as a new model in the industry because it helps create exposure for me just starting out. I am glad I found out about this. Thanks for helping a newcomer out!

Melea A. Rudig  A wonderful networking tool, I am thankful for the services A La Carte Fashion has been providing for me.

Nicole Saineghi  Easy to navigate the website, great way to network and get yourself out there! This site is growing everyday so hurry up and become a part of it!!!

Erika Rieck  I am so happy be part of this! This is great way for models to connect with photographers,designers, and gain exposure.

Amy Radloff  Highly recommend!! John is great at helping people connect and network. He is a great motivator and is very encouraging. This is a great, positive place to meet and work with new talented people!

Lauren Dod A La Carte Fashion is highly professional and has an excellent team for any talent. Hands down. Definitely ahead of the game. Superb presentation for all industry professionals. Site is clean, easy to navigate and very well done.

John is fantastic!! He understands how to blend the industry’s desires with the model’s assets. He has a wonderful personality, and I never have to worry about his attitude or professionalism which is always reassuring. A real pleasure to work with.

I look forward to a long and productive relationship with John and A La Carte Fashion.

Kaitlyn Kaylee Brown The website is super easy to use, the opportunity for success is unlimited. Thank you A La Carte Fashion !
Ashley Chavers – John is right connection for giving you insightful input in your career field and give you the confidence boost of your exposure needs. Please come to the right people and right source. You are in right place.

Salon Owner Reviews

Katie Prendergast  I LOVE the service and professionalism this site offers to artists in our industry. It takes our portfolio to the next level by marketing our skills in the most aesthetically pleasing way. It is an easy to navigate site connecting visitors directly to your bio, social media, and website links. Mark takes the time to get to know you and your vision, and creates a platform that best markets your brand. He also takes the time to pre-screen the talent on the site, ensuring that you are getting QUALITY, and RELIABLE artists. I truly believe this platform will completely replace model mayhem and bring our industry to the next level.


Photographer Reviews

Andrea Kay  I’m so excited to be part of the movement to bring Chicago Fashion into the forefront of the industry. Collaboration instead of competition is what will move us all forward! This is just what we need.

Mark Niemi Nice clean look to this site – I am happy to be part of this upcoming site from close to it’s beginning. I look forward seeing good things happen! Thanks for a great job so far!

Michael H. Cooper  Looks like a fresh way to present fashion and those in the industry….Good job A’ La Carte!!!

Dean Reid  Looking forward to seeing the Chicago fashion industry evolve. A la Carte fashion has a great opportunity to spearhead the evolution for change.

Jared Colón  This is a great and amazing system that has been established. An amazing way for everyone to network and communicate needs and services as well as a great medium for exposure. The creator has given much time and consideration to the operation and presentation of not only the company but all those signed up with the company. Photography By Jared is proud to have joined!


Boutique Owner Reviews

Sully Jimenez  Has many connections and tactics to help any person excel in this industry.

Our Followers Reviews

Sandra Smith-Doghmi  This will be so much easier to take a draw for models!

Nina Borowski Fantastic company! John Hoffman is a great professional and am sure this company will thrive even more in the future!

John Stanely  À La Carte Fashion are the best and very professional.

Delfin Vegas  They got skillz on the website building! You should take a peep.

Stephanie Carson  Looking forward to seeing where this company goes. What great vision! Well done A La Carte Fashion.

Delilah Abu  I love how this is an open platform for people to Network and share their businesses, passion, and love for fashion. Thank you for creating such an encouraging and positive page!!

Agi Wrobel  Bringing value to the fashion industry with a network of talent and passion on a full service platform at your fingertips. This will be wickedly successful and a staple of the fashion industry.

Bob Hannan  Brilliant Brillant functional design. A concept who’s time has come.

Inga Rimkeviciute –  Understanding the power of success – networking and generosity will reflect on your future. There is so much value John is giving , that you are able to receive even more what you already have.


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