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About Ray Thompson

Meet Ray Thompson: I’m Rockin Ray, Chicago area photographer. I’ve lived in the city now for 14 years. For a long time, I was just a civil engineer who had an interest in photography. I never really acted on it, as I never felt the time was *quite* right to get started; I think I wanted to make sure I could devote enough time/effort to do photography justice. Finally, in September of 2011, I decided to stop hesitating and just get a DSLR and a couple of lenses. Once I had it bought, I took that little Rebel T2i everywhere I went and just practiced shooting. And shooting. And shooting still more.

At first, it was just landscapes/lakefront shots in Chicago, along with nightclubs and rock shows. Almost a full year later, I stumbled into the fashion world quite by accident and it piqued my interest. Soon, one could find me at many a fashion show or event photographing, getting practice and my name out there. Eventually, I caught the eye of the then Charity4Life (now known as, Avanse) and she liked my work enough that I became their photographer for events. I still do those events, and still help out with other charitable organizations.

You can still find me at important events and other hot spots in Chicago doing my thing. Rockin’ Ray has no intentions of slowing down and I’m expanding my horizons for 2016.


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Ray Thompson
Chicago Photographer



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