Featured Photographer: Jared Colón

About Jared Colón

I am first a Fashion and Runway Photographer but I also do General, artistic and family and wedding photography as well.  I do not believe in limiting my self to one field of photography, they all each have their own alluring aspects and appeal.  I have been enjoying the artistic medium that is photography for years as well as being a credited artist.  I am published and credited in news papers, online blogs, social media with designers and models.  I am also registered on Vogue Italia’s website as a photographer and am published and credited with Vogue Italia.

I don’t just do runway and fashion photography, as I feel all photography should be expressed.  I don’t just enjoy shooting photographs of models but families, individual portraits and couples as well as events and nature.  As an student artist my college professor has used my work from college as examples to her beginner class’s; which I was more then happy to let her use.


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Jared Colón
Jared Colón



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