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Meet À La Carte Fashion Founder John Mark Hoffman 

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John Mark Hoffman  “Your Marketing Accessory” @ALaCarteFashion
John has a driving force in his life. As the founder of  À La Carte Fashion he offers Customized Direct Targeted: Fashion Industry Niche Proactive Marketing, Cross Promotion, and Publishing.
What John saw within a segregated  industry of people associated to the fashion industry fueled a global idea: a tool that would allow equal representation of all people dedicated to the world of fashion. 
John looked at what was and asked the question why not create a comprehensive reference guide or tool that was non-competitive and all inclusive to become the industry standard. The first ever fashion search engine À La Carte Fashion is that dream unfolding.
Such a tool in place promotes the retail and fashion industry within local communities and globally where ever fashion has a place in the lives that support it.
As a strategic marketing and SEO person; John has created local and national recognition within three months and international recognition within five months of launching the website. What this means to the À La Carte Fashion members and the industry as a whole is organic relevance and priority over non-members on a global scale.  

Q: What is À La Carte Fashion?

A: À La Carte Fashion: is a Premier Fashion Publisher  and Custom SEO Digital Marketing Strategy Firm Serving the Fashion Industry.

“Your Marketing Accessory”

We are a positive movement that inspires everyone to inspire others, create amazing projects, and excel in your dreams of making your passion a career for you.

In the short time of this sites launching and as a (SEO EXPERT) the ongoing fresh content already has Google, Yahoo, and Bing holding this site as relevant on Local, National, and International searches regarding (FASHION PLATFORMS). This is the first place to invest in your declarations to be a serious part of this industry.


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Q: How can someone contact you?

A: Questions or Collaboration you can Reach Out Here:

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Q: What makes your company unique?

A: À La Carte Fashion is a Publisher and Fashion Industry Niche Marketing Agency. We are a one stop shop to either Get Exposure on your Personal Identity or Brand Identity. We create Custom SEO Digital Profiles for individuals and brands relevant to the fashion industry. We have created our own SEARCH ENGINE  for instant maximum exposure across all search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing)  In short, À La Carte Fashion has invested in your future and individualized visibility  in this industry; by implementing the tools needed to launch any person or brand.

Q: How did you first imagine  your contribution to the fashion industry?

A: I found that many people in this industry were very passionate but have been either used or ripped off by people that said they would help but didn’t live up to their word. After having some struggles finding resources with my own clothing brand I decided to push it to the side and create a platform to help everyone in this industry succeed.

After doing more research; I found that 200 students graduate every year here in Chicago. (My Home City) I found that what every brand is lacking is cost effective social media marketing and strong visual ad campaigns and promotions which are crucial in this age of technology. 

With a background in sales, SEO, digital marketing, website design, and a strong understanding of Google analytics; I felt I would add a strong contribution to this industry. So…. I started talking to models and designers and salon and boutique owners and listened to their needs.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

A: To me, ” Fashion is any accessory of your original self image. The most important accessories you can wear EVERYDAY are your SMILE and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.”

Q: What do you want to accomplish?

A: The goal is and always will be to create real opportunities (JOBS) and strong business relationships with our clients and supporters. To me it starts with the designer! “They are job creators! They have the ability to create a local fashion scene and manufacturing industry which can stabilize an economy.” John Mark Hoffman (Founder)

À La Carte Fashion is a custom tailored resource which has the tools to launch and establish a designer’s brand and our future is to refine and evolve with the industry to meet the expectations of our clients and supporters.

In the short time of this sites launching the ongoing fresh content already has Google, Yahoo, and Bing holding this site as relevant on local, national, and international searches regarding fashion platforms. This is the first place to invest in your declarations to be a serious part of this industry. I hope that defines my intent!  If in doubt here are REVIEWS of satisfied clients and supporters.



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