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 Image you never need to worry about where to source out the fabrics, the patterns won’t fit right, shipping the labels and hang tags around, and the little details on the buttons. How simple and easy your world will be?

Your fashion brand depends on great connections in the industry.  We don’t just provide connections, we build relationships. We make sure your products are delivered on time without scarifying the quality, moving you and your high fashion brands forward to flourish.

A La Carte Fashion

Stop trying to figure out how to start a clothing line without first securing professional representation in the fashion industry. We provide the exceptional services you need to make your life easier and make your brand shine.

Free Consultation

All clients receive a free consultation from one of our experienced specialists to discuss the next steps for your fashion brand. Your specialist will explain contract details, inform you of how production orders work, and share all the benefits of our exceptional A La Carte services.

Design: We offer two options: 100% customization and Private Label services. For 100% customization, you can either provide your own designs or sketches or send us your inspirations. Our production team will go over the design details with you before we move onto the next process.  If you want to use our white label (private label) services, please email to request a look-book.


Prototype and Pre-Production Samples: Your brand image is extremely important. Our manufacturing and production provide high quality prototypes of your designs.  Our lead pattern maker has over 20 years of experience. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Throughout the process, our production team will get your feedback and approval on a regular basis. We offer fabric sourcing including digital printing, accessories sourcing, pattern making, fitting and grading, prototyping and pre-production samples for your approval. We offer Free Grading services always.

Production: Once you approve your samples, the exciting production stage begins. Ask our specialist about the production line process.

Quality Control – The integrity of your finished products is of the utmost importance to our Quality Control team. Your satisfaction is our top priority from start to finish.

We look forward to aiding in the substantial growth of your brand while providing you with elite manufacturing and production services. Click here to talk to a specialist.

IMPORTANT: All customers’ designs, graphics, text and other information submitted are solely and fully owned by the customer. All rights are reserved for, and exclusive to, the customer’s brand, product, and company.  Contract will be signed by both parties to protect both parties’ benefits.  Deposit of $2000 will be collected before the manufacturing process which will be fully deducted from the final production order.

What would the process be in getting a manufacturing deal going?

Steps for the whole process:
  1. free consultation
  2. collecting deposit
  3. collecting specs
  4. prototyping
  5. shipping prototypes
  6. prototypes confirmed
  7. production process:
    1. grading (free)
    2. production samples
    3. shipping production samples
    4. production samples confirmed
    5. shipping

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