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by John Mark Hoffman

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

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Fashion Designer Platform – À La Carte Fashion was created as an end to end service provider to the fashion industry. What does that mean? We work with all facets of the industry starting with fashion schools to be identified as a resource and platform for them. We provide internships to fashion industry students giving them both hands on or remote training in the industry.

We have the resources to fully brand a Fashion Designer, Model, Stylist, Photographer or Boutique; whether it be identity branding, social media marketing, creating a custom e-commerce website, custom SEO, marketing collateral, or publishing them on our website or in our print and digital magazine.

We also build out SEO friendly custom profiles for Fashion Designers, Models, Stylists, Photographers, and Boutiques; creating a local collaborative resource and community. We utilize this community as a platform to create and establish all involved.

To us it starts with the designer! “They are job creators! They have the ability to create a local fashion scene and manufacturing industry which can stabilize an economy.” John Mark Hoffman (Founder)

À La Carte Fashion is a custom tailored resource which has the tools to launch and establish a designer’s brand.

This is how it works!

A Fashion designer identifies and establishes themselves as a partner with A La Carte Fashion. The designer and À La Carte Fashion work together to create a 5 year Business plan.

Now Enter our local Models Gallery, here we can choose the models that fit the esthetic of the designer. The models are then chosen to work side by side doing anything from runway to print advertisement.

Review our Stylist Gallery because next, a Stylist is needed to once again create a look that fits the designer’s esthetic; that can be a clothing stylist, hair, or Make-Up artist. After it’s ALL put together we reach out to our gallery of local Photographers, to establish who would be available and a good fit for the project. The photo shoots are set up and the collaboratively approved images and blogs are published instantly via our entire social media platform (giving everyone involved proper credits) and perhaps later in our print and digital magazine.

This gives us the ability to fully and consistently establish a Fashion Designers Brand by creating marketing materials and an identifiable resume which in return can be used to approach local, national, and global boutiques to export clothing brands; while adding value to the careers of the collaborative efforts of the Models, Stylists Photographers and all involved..

After we have established a team for the designer we can do some serious promoting!

This team usually consists of 5-10 Models, 1-2 master stylists, 1-3 MUA’s, 1-3 Hair stylists, and a designated photographer and writer to document the progression. (If it’s not documented; it never happened!).



Company Overview

À La Carte Fashion is a Fashion Community, Platform, Magazine, and Global Entity; focused on establishing and consulting leading edge market driven strategies to fashion relevant partnerships.

We work with all facets of the fashion industry to connect, collaborate, and create the creative culture within it. As a firm we provide the resources and guidance to elevate and establish your brand identity.


Our Services include but are not limited to


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