Fashion Brand Identity Marketing

by John Mark Hoffman

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

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Where is your company going? Where do you want to end up? By when?

Whether we’re doing a project or a comprehensive campaign, working for short term results or long-term success, we do “strategic planning.” In short, we use the necessary means — research, competitive analysis, and analytical tools — to ensure we’re doing the right thing at the right time to get you where you want to be.


ÀLC Fashion offers leading edge Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Web Marketing Services

A few examples of our Marketing Services are:


– Web Development

– Custom Look Books

– Custom SEO friendly profile URL’s

– Custom Digital Profiles

– Band Identity Marketing

– Social Media Branding and Management

– Featured in our Print and Digital Magazine


Brand management and product strategy

Much has been written in marketing literature about brand management and product strategy. Although opinions vary quite a lot, all experts agree on one thing: organisations that structurally invest in brand protection through Intellectual Property perform significantly better.

Intellectual Property on the strategic agenda

Whether trademarks, patents, domain names, copyright or designs, Intellectual Property makes a unique contribution to the value of your organisation. It is important, therefore, to include Intellectual Property on your strategic agenda. Use it as a continuous and proactive tool to grow your business.

The added value of brand management

When it comes to brand management, the focus is not so much on the innovation behind the product, but on the role that the brand can play to develop market share. Essentially, the brand is a promise made to the target market, and to have a strong brand, you need to be clear on what it means, how it is perceived, what it conveys and how it is carried within the organisation.


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