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Sarah Church was born in Janesville, Wisconsin and raised in Ohio. She has always marched to the beat of her own drum. In 1999 Sarah became friends with the shop owner of Birdella’s Emporium which was a “freak boutique” catering to bolder statements of many subcultures. Sarah’s custom garments and other creations were featured in several of Birdella’s stores from 1999-2007. In 2000 Church moved to Chicago and began attending the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design in 2004.

During her second year of college she began an internship with Geoffrey Mac, soon after she became his assistant and continued to work under his wing for almost three years. In 2007 Sarah moved to Los Angeles. She started as the technical Illustrator for Ruby Rox in November of that year. By 2009 Sarah was cross trained in several positions but still not finding fulfillment in an environment lacking creativity. Later in 2009 she found herself back in Chicago doing custom tour outfits for local bands, including Janus, while creating a women’s collection on the side. Sarah started www.churchxoxo.com in 2011, she feature several different collections including her custom designs and many up-cycled fashions as well as vintage. Church believes in being kind to our environment and re-using/ refurbishing materials we already have to create unique or one of a kind looks, it’s her little contribution to support a more Eco friendly planet.

In order to support her visions and dreams Church started working at Twisted Spoke in April of 2009. Little by little her hard work started getting noticed and she was offered a place in many fashion events. In 2012 Sarah Church was accepted as one of six designers in residence in the Chicago Fashion Incubator program sponsored by Macy’s.

Sarah Church


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Sarah Church
Sarah Church



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