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About Ricardo Pérez

The Dapper Club was founded by Ricardo Perez, a personal stylist based in Chicago. Before pursuing his passion in style and fashion, Ricardo was an exceptional trumpet player inspired by great musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. This such musical influence is what kindled his appreciation for gentleman character and neat style.

First impressions count. Which is precisely why my job exists. For many newly college graduates, it is important to be suited up for interviews. Maybe you need a good suit to go and have fun at the bar or club. Or maybe you just want to step up your style game for your personal or work life. My job is to make sure you look your very best by personally helping you find the right suit for you from my selection.

There are many professionals who want to change their wardrobe. I am here to help with your wardrobe makeover. Help you look “GQ” with a newly established wardrobe in which I will pick out for you.

Fashion shows and photo shoots? I style those as well. My wardrobe styling skills have landed a spot on Le Fashion Magazine, Framed Magazine, RAW Artists Fashion Show, Le Fashion Fashion show and many more projects.

The Dapper Club brings back character of a past era in a comfortable and affordable setting for men. We aim to build confidence and style. Being bold, fashionable and gentlemanly-like is what we call dapper. Join the Dapper Club today. Feel free to contact me today for you’re next suit, your style consultation or if you want me to style your next shoot or show.


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Ricardo Pérez
1200 W. 35th St. 5th FL Chicago, IL 60609



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