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About Maury Cesair

Maury Cesair designer of CESAIR’s mission is to provide cutting edge designs and proper fit to all of its customers. The company exists to invoke a conquering spirit and attitude within its customers as well as to educate them on quality, proper fitting and dressing for their body type.

 Its vision is to provide the customer with a creative, confident, courageous and captivating style and to provide them the feeling that they can face whatever that they may face in their lives through the design and clothing of CESAIR.

Maury Daniel-Cesair is a Chicago local who began his love for Fashion after joining the military and traveling to Japan, Asia and the Middle East. After years of sketching dress and outfits in the military and dabbling in fashion and graphic design, the movie “Devil Wears Prada” guided Maury to focus on Fashion Design. The final confirmation was when Maury was stationed in Europe as he travelled to London, Paris, Madrid and Milan and fell in love with Haute Couture. After returning to civilian life in 2011, Maury used his military uniform to create a whole collection named “Military GLAM”. Maury then applied for Project Runway, to be denied ion the completion due to minimum experience and lack of garment sales. Upon denial, Maury moved back to Illinois to focus on fashion education and garment construction using his GI education benefits. Maury built his custom client base while in school, and has been featured in Chicago’s “UStyle” and UK’s “Fashion Affair”, Maury gains his experience music, photos, movies, attitude, life experience and love for the art of fashion.


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Maury Cesair



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