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About Cal Garcia

Couturier for GSB Men’s Couture and j-na couture! We create the best custom concept for you to get noticed and stand out as someone that:
Knows who you Are
Where your Going
How to get there
You are not mass-produced! Why should your clothes be?

Cal and his Mom J-na are the design team behind their luxury brands. This is J-na’s story shared with us by Cal. An inspiration to Cal, and he wishes to inspire you as well.

As a haute couture designer, I travel the world and meet dozens of women, many who have shared very intimate pieces of their lives with me, I am struck at how connected many of us are in overcoming major obstacles and trauma in our quest for our dreams.

These trials, if we do not let them crush us, can sharpen our intense appreciation for life and freedom, and give us such passion and drive, that life takes on a completely different hue, a strong, new intoxicating fragrance, and even a deeper spiritual meaning!

I am passionate about women and children emerging as caring, compassionate, yet powerful adults, who can leave an unforgettable mark on this world. I have devoted my life, not just to being a haute couture designer, but mostly to empowering others and sharing the passion for life, health and exuberant joy with all who cross my path….and I travel a lot!

My burning desire to become a haute couture designer, creating amazing couture was, in fact, a result of burning. Literally burning my flesh! When I was 6 years old, I climbed up on the stove to get the Alpha Bits cereal out of the upper cupboard for my little sisters and me. The pilot light caught my nightgown and I went up in flames! Panicking, I ran upstairs to my parents room, burning my body all the way. On the way to the emergency room, I noticed black ashes all over my legs, and I said, “Daddy, am I going to die?”

Six months in the hospital and 13 surgeries later, I had to re-learn to walk, as the wounds were so deep that I was bedridden.

Leaving me horribly scarred and disfigured on my lower body, those flames completely changed my life forever! No more normal, carefree childhood for me…I worried about how people would react to my scars. The scars on my flesh tried to scar my heart forever. But what a blessing that my parents provided such a rich and culturally saturated life for me and my four younger sisters and baby brother! As the oldest of six children, I had plenty of chores to do, and good grades to get, music and sewing lessons, religious activities, and ohhhhh..the traveling adventures we had! Touring the continent, museums, art, hiking, camping, exploring! I wish all kids could have the concentrated education and training that we had!

I began sewing at 9 years of age and developed a hunger for Vogue Designer patterns…always “embellishing” them my own way, started out as my own little haute couture designer. It has been a driving and burning passion of mine to create the most beautiful clothes ever, with a part of me trying to compensate for the shame of being disfigured. I thought, “If people notice my pretty outfit, then they won’t mind the scars on my legs.”


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