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About Brandon Bermudez

Philadelphia based designer, Brandon Bron Bermudez, has always walked the line between traditional concepts of beauty and the abstract. His obsession with the darker side of all things fairy-tailed and whimsical drew him to designs like Zac Posen; with clean, structured, romantic silhouettes like those of the dresses of the disney princesses themselves; and Alexander McQueen; with his distortion of proportion and tradition in collections worthy of every disney villain to walk the earth.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Bermudez took up a love of architecture before fashion. To him, the idea of architecture combined the worlds of practicality and creativity. However, he found that it could not hold his attention in the way that fashion drew him in and therefore took up fashion illustration in his senior year of High School. From illustration he, lept into design and soon, could not be stopped from his new true goal and passion.

College was the only logical choice upon graduation. Bermudez set his sights high and aimed for the dizzying and dazzling world of New York City fashion schools, but sadly those dreams could not become a reality. Undeterred by this setback, Bermudez channelled all of his angst and emotion into his art. During a brief stay in New York City, Bermudez connected with other young, underground artists also trying to make their name in the worlds of fashion and art. Thus, his first collection was born 2013; a mix of leather and lace with elements of science fiction. This first collection, the Black Leather collection, received much needed media attention. Before the year was out, three underground magazines; Element, Fashion-Face, and Mami; featured the Black Leather collection in their editorials. The collection even drew the attention of Fox 29 news anchor, Kacey McDonnell, who then wore a custom skirt from the Black Leather collection on live television. It was the beginning of Bermudez’s climb to the top.

After the excitement of New York City, Bermudez decided it was time to learn the fundamentals of design in his home city of Philadelphia. He then began his attendance at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. In between classes, Bermudez turned his focus to fashion illustration where he truly flourished; his illustration gained massive social media attention from celebrities all across the board. From singers like Rihanna, Natalia Kills, and Bella Thorne, to media personalities like Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea. Even designers already in the top tier of the field such as Zac Posen and Roberto Cavalli.

A flurry of passion projects soon followed over the next two years; the “Featuring Minnie Mouse” project was featured on Buzzfeed, UK Metro, Talenthouse, Trending, and several other sites. He showcased his Villains and Princesses illustrations at the Philly RAW art showcase. He himself was featured in Philly Voice, Style Caster, Philly Gay Calendar, SoInsteadOf, and numerous others. On top of all of this, Bermudez continued to excel in his classes and earned spots interning at the Arden Theater and with Oscar De La Renta. Bermudez’s skill grew so quickly that one of his dresses, a Queen of Hearts inspired dress, was featured at the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival and was met with thunderous applause and accolades.

The proverbial icing on the cake, however, was the birth of one of these fashion illustration from fantasy to reality; the Maleficent Inspired Feather Gown. The dress bought Bermudez attention from all across the country and then some. It became his greatest masterpiece, thus far. It was featured in LUCY magazine and shot by Canadian based Photographers, Michelle Aristocrat and Amanda Diaz. It was then featured in photo shoots styled by LA stylist, Jackie Marin. The gown was even featured in the window display at the Art Institute of Philadelphia for quite some time. The dress became the biggest milestone in Bermudez’s career, so far.

Bermudez is far from finished. While still in school, he plans to continue his journey and push the boundaries even further than what he’s already accomplished. While his experiences continue to grow, so will his skills and notoriety in the future. Quite possibly sooner than any of us seem to think…


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