Chicago Fashion Industry Unites

by John Mark Hoffman

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

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Red Carpet Concierge and À La Carte Fashion unite the chicago fashion industry

Sandra Smith-Doghmi  and husband Chakib Doghmi both founders of Red Carpet Concierge and well connected members of Chicago and the fashion industry have teamed up with À La Carte Fashion CEO John Mark Hoffman; a new tech savvy platform that can be viewed as the Angie’s List of the fashion industry.

Both firms share the same strengths and visions; to build the professional self-esteem of our affiliates and that the world needs creativity and innovation now more than ever. Our goals are inline; which are to build up, nurture, and plant seeds of information into our readers to enhance their lives and form a bond with the magnificent business structure built on integrity, adding value, and self-empowerment of our affiliates.



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Sandra Smith-Doghmi (Founder)                                           John Hoffman – (Publisher)                   

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